Fabo X Academy Winter Bootcamp 2018

中国数制工坊“数制学术 X”冬令营

Fablab O has been iterating its Fabo X Academy for many years through experience teaching collaborations with schools and universities, cooperating with institutions implementing fab labs, and numerous symposiums. The Winter Bootcamp is geared toward educators desiring to understand, experience and improve their implementation of STEAM related activities in teaching practices. Additionally, the Winter Bootcamp will introduce and extend an invitation to Fablab O’s concept of a regional collaborative network of fab labs and STEAM educators within China.

Fablab O 通过与全球其他 fablab 以及各高校 合作的经验,还有主办数字化制造竞赛和众多的研讨会,一直在更新迭代“中国智造学术 X”的课 程。本次冬训营适合于希望了解、体验和改进教学实践中的 STEAM 相关活动的教育者。此外,冬 训营将向国内的 fablab 和从事 STEAM 教育的参与者们介绍并扩大一个 Fablab O 的区域协作网络 的概念的邀请。

Why a Bootcamp for educators?


By understanding the basic concepts upon which Fablab O built its practice, educators will experience how Fablab O create and organize its courses at a regional level and they will be able to run them in their own site as local instructors.

通过理解 fablab O 实施实践的基本概念,教育者会体验 Fablab O 怎样创造和构建它的在地域的课 程体系,然后教育者们将能够作为当地指导者了解实验室的开展,开发自己的课程体系,并拓展区 域及全球网络。本次冬令营是营建中国数制工坊联盟及推进课程建设的第一步。

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Hands-on training


Three days of intensive workshops, trainings and hands-on sessions to experience how the processes and tools within the fab lab can be used in the creation of STEAM education contents. The focus of the sessions is to experience the “learning-by-doing” approach and, in reflection, “teaching-by-doing”.

三天的紧凑的 workshop,训练还有亲手实践的任务去体验什么样的步骤和工具可以创造 STEAM 教 育内容。会议聚焦于体验“做中学”的方法和思考“在做中教学”

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Group Projects

Over the final two days, the participants will be divided into teams and, supported by mentors, will design, develop, test and prototype a STEAM workshop that can be made in the fab lab. Special attention will be given to the brainstorming session and the definition of all the components of a workshop. Designing a workshop will let the participant experience the fablab approach, apply the fablab philosophy and create exceptional STEAM contents that can be shared in the network.

在最后的两天,参与者会被分成组并且有老师指导,一起设计,开发,测试,设计一个可以在 fablab 里制作的 steam workshop 原型。 特别需要注意的是头脑风暴还有 workshop 的组成部分的设定。每个组必须提供一个 PPT,一些材 料,一套软件硬件的清单。可选项(可以制作一个简单的一个页面的网页) 设计一个 workshop 会让参与者体验 fablab 的方法,应用 fablab 的哲学并创造优秀的 steam 内容 去在网络上分享。

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