Creation life

Creation is a love of life, it can turn your ideas into reality that affect more people's lives. Being an innovator in life is a happy thing. I writing tranditional Chinese paintings with brush and making some interesting gadgets. In order to be able to learn more advanced production tools and methods, I come to Fablab O Shanghai.

Traditional Creation

The use of Chinese paper and mineral pigments to make Painting Box,Stained cover and small cover can make gorgeous colors and levels. The use of fablab equipment can produce a more retro works.

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Art Education

The lab complete works what combination of art and electronic technology. Share creative process, so that more people can receive art influence,enhance the ability of art design.

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Working Project

The design and manufacture of an intelligent small fish, it is beautiful and can spit out all kinds of color bag.And can automatically open the lid on the head.The children all like it very much.

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