Innovating the Future

Innovation is the core of development. It makes a better life for human beings. In Fablab, every idea will have the chance to become reality. Here you will find the progress of Chris Song during the three weeks of Fabo Academy X project in July 2017.

Innovation in Fablab

Traditional Art

With the help of Fablab equipment, many works of art can be produced in a totally different way. Skills will never be the limitation to creativity anymore, instead, everyone will have the chance to be an artist.


In the future, Architecture will have more possibilities. It's easier and faster to construct a building of any size and any shape through 3D printing and some other technologies. Everybody can be an architect.

Advanced Tech

In Fablab, many advanced technologies in the world can be applied to our daily lives. No matter for practical or entertainment purpose, this applications will be important parts of human lives.

My Works of Innovation Recorded by Pictures


Project Information

Project Name: Fabo Academy X 2017
Director: Jeff Ding
Instructor: Saverio Silli
Assistant: Russett J Travis, Micheal Lu
Student: Chris S, Neil J, Lea Chen, Randal Liu
Time: JUL3-JUL22 2017
Location: 1230, Siping Rd, Yangpu, Shanghai, PR China